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Archive for May, 2011


Simplicity vs. Customization vs. Empathy

The term “customization” is used to mean you are what you say you are
The term “simplicity” is used to mean what you are

Customization gives explicit user control
Simplicity gives explicit features

Customization is based on users preferences
Simplicity is based on users needs

Customization generates complexity
Simplicity always wins over complexity

Customization is a geek
Simplicity is a friend

Customization requires assistance
Simplicity is self-explanatory

Customization affects some demanding users
Simplicity affects all users

Customization is a calculator
Simplicity is a metaphor

Customization is a gear in the black box
Simplicity is an abstraction

Customization is a spaghetti condiment
Simplicity is an elegant suit

Customization can become the bad way to apply Personalization
Simplicity can become the bad way to apply Usability Read moreRead more

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